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Arbor, Pergola, and Shade Structure Design in Lakeland

Arbor and Pergola design and installation in Lakeland - Lakeland Deck Builders

For centuries, gazebos have been an integral part of homes and gardens, from the most expensive villas to the modest villas and everything. The gazebo is originally from Italy. However, it is spread all over the world and lends any aroma and character to the garden area. There are many different types of spines and trusses to suit all tastes. We specialize in being pergola builders and arbor builders, which are wonderful alternatives to gazebos.


The archway arch is best used for dividing a large lawn by stacking the arbors in a row to create a tunnel of foliage. This line divides the expansion and allows the arc thorns to pause cleanly to plant different plants on both sides and contiguous area. 

Traditional Arbors 

The traditional arbor has trellis sides, so that flowering plants or vegetables can grow to the top of the arbor. The traditional arbor design has a flat ceiling and a clear line to the garden entrance. The traditional gazebo can also be fitted with a wooden seat that provides shade in the summer afternoon. We want you to know that we build arbors in Lakeland that are to be greatly admired!

Metal Arbors 

Arbors look great when first built and installed. Time and time take their toll. An alternative to the wooden gazebo is a metal arbor. Steel, bronze and iron are just some of the options you can use to bring your garden to life without having to do the maintenance required for summer log cabins. 

Vinyl Arbors

If maintaining a wooden gazebo or the weight of a metal gazebo is not the preferred arbor, consider the last maintenance-free gazebo, vinyl. Vinyl material can give a wood look and metal durability without having to be painted and repainted every season. Vinyl gazebos come in many colors and styles and can be easily installed to make the garden or yard more attractive and give the personality of a large room. Gazebos enhance every garden, whether it’s a small garden or a large flower garden. Place a gazebo where vines can crawl and create a home for many seasons. 

Gazebos, arbors, and pergolas shouldn’t be used just to support your plants. Once the right plant is trained to climb and grow in the arbor, it is the perfect setting for photos or even a place to shade a bench and relax on autumn evenings in Lakeland, FL. Any type of climbing plant can be used in addition to some types of flowering plants if the branches are thin and flexible. The most common thorny plants are ivy, jasmine or climbing hydrangea. If you want to give your garden a scent, you can plant honeysuckle or wisteria. Climbing roses can also be planted and grown on the gazebo to grow. 

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